At Succession Link we believe a B2B matching platform provides the easiest, fairest solution for facilitating mergers and acquisitions of financial practices.

We've worked tirelessly to provide a simple online service that eliminates all the flaws and hurdles associated with the traditional methods of acquiring a business.

The Difficulties of Acquiring a Business

Historically, the two most common methods of acquiring a business are through a business broker or by approaching them directly. The biggest problem with approaching a business directly is that it can be time-consuming to cold-approach businesses.

It is possible to catch wind of certain business owners looking to sell up, either through rumors or advertisements, but often these can be few and far between, meaning there can be a scarcity of opportunities. A business broker can remove the time cost for business owners looking for opportunities to expand, but this will come at a significant financial cost. The brokers would command a significant portion of the sale as a fee once it is completed.

How a B2B Matching Platform Solves These Problems

A B2B matching platform, such as the digital solution created by Succession Link, can help to eliminate both of these hurdles. We have thousands of interested buyers and sellers registered to our database. You’re far more likely to quickly find the perfect match due to the sheer abundance of options available, as well as the sophisticated filtering tools that allow you to sift through them with ease.

Succession Link allows you to create a basic account to assess the options available to you within our database. Although there’s a nominal fee for annual access to our Premier account, we’ll take no portion of any sale that is agreed between two parties.

In addition to allowing members to message other prospects, our Premier account offers the ability to pinpoint the best connections for you to consider using our Compatibility Score algorithm. You can search by opportunity type, revenue, location, and many other factors.

You can also gain daily or weekly email alerts on specific filters that allow you to increase your chances of finding the right partner by becoming the first to reach out and engage with a potential business partner. We also provide tools such as the valuation calculator and deal terms calculator to make it even easier to calculate the recommended down payment and estimated buyout price in order to reach an agreement with the prospects you meet within our database.

If you’ve managed a successful practice, but the time has come to retire or move on, you can take a look at the wealth of successors on our database for free.

In the same vein, if you’re looking to expand your business, it’ll cost you nothing to browse the range of businesses owners looking for a merger or a successor.

If you do find a partner to help you meet your future goals, Succession Link won’t take a cut of your deal. There’s no need to reveal the identity of business until you’re ready to do so either.

Click the link to learn more about Succession Link and create your basic account today.

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