Sellers using Succession Link are likely to have an easier time finding a suitable buyer if they fill out their profile properly. 

A full profile will save seller’s time by weeding out the buyers who aren’t qualified to succeed them. It’ll also provide the strong candidates with all the information they need to perform their due diligence on your company. 

The more information you have readily available, the easier it’ll be to catch the attention of the buyers who can take your practice to the next level of success.

If you’re new to Succession Link, you can create a free profile straight away and start browsing the accounts of other buyers and sellers within our database. If you like the look of anyone’s profile, you can upgrade in order to connect with them and discuss their goals. Best of all, Succession Link doesn’t take a cut of any deal struck between you and another member. We only exist to help you find the correct business opportunity. Click the link to learn more about how this service works. 

Below, we suggest what information is necessary to include in your Succession Link profile in order to maximize your chances of striking a great deal while using our platform. 

Business Basics

Your Succession Link profile includes fields for you to enter the vital statistics of your business, including assets, revenue, and number of clients. It’s recommended to fill these in accurately in order to show that you’re a serious seller.  

This information will be of vital importance to buyers, but it will also be useful to clearly articulate what you picture the succession looking like. What does your day-to-day role as a business owner look like? Will you be available in an advisory role after the sale, and for how long? Is this negotiable? The more information you can post in your profile, the clearer picture that a potential buyer will get about your business, and whether it’s a good fit for them. 

A good starting point for negotiation

Of course, the buyer will be eager to ask more questions about your business to determine whether it’s a good fit for them. They’ll want to complete due diligence of your company to ensure the figures are correct, and may negotiate over the terms of sale listed in your profile. Still, if you can provide a clear starting point for negotiation, this will motivate more accomplished buyers to start a conversation with you. 

Succession Link provides a reliable platform for buyers and sellers to communicate. Buyers can search for the opportunities that suit them best using our powerful search filter system. Meanwhile, sellers can expose their business to a wide range of experienced professionals, boosting their opportunity of securing a great deal for their practice. Crucially, neither party has to reveal their full identity until they are comfortable doing so. Click the link to learn more about how Succession Link can help buyers and sellers in the financial services industry.

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