A merger or an acquisition is a lengthy process which will take months to complete and requires the assistance of several experienced professionals in order to run smoothly.

This isn’t a task you can complete alone, nor with the assistance of cheap and inexperienced hired help.

By paying top dollar on the individuals with the most expertise in business transactions, you’re protecting yourself against getting ripped off, or of this multi-million dollar transaction falling through.

In other words, this isn’t the sort of investment you want to be cheap with.

Below, we explore the individuals you’ll need to hire, whether buying or selling a business, and how they help the transaction to finalize without a hitch.


Accountants will help departing business owners to suggest a selling price for their company. This isn’t based on a science, so there will be plenty of room for negotiation, but an experienced accountant will help ensure you don’t get ripped off.

For sellers, they’ll be able to look at the value of your assets, revenue, and annual profits and suggest a selling price based on this. They’ll also be able to ensure that the company is in good enough order for the buyer to complete their due diligence process. Buyers will need to hire an accountant to take a look at the books of the company they are acquiring.

Legal team

Your legal team will be responsible for drawing up all contracts regarding the sale, as well as looking over any contracts you’re asked to sign by the other party.

This process is likely to start with both parties signing a letter of intent, stating that all information shared during negotiations will be kept private. It’ll end with the terms of the deal being thrashed out on paper. It’ll include a non-competing agreement and the terms of how the seller will support the new buyer in the early months of his reign. During merger deals, details such as the type of merger and share/exchange ratio will also be signed off by the legal team from both parties.

Business consultants

Many buyers hire business consultants to recommend potential acquisitions to them, and advise on the terms of a potential deal.

The departing owner

If you are acquiring a business, the departing owner should be your most trusted advisor throughout this process.

After all, they are as likely to want a smooth transition during this process as anyone.

Many buyers choose to retain the departing owner in an advisory role in the months following a sale. In many cases, you’re essentially working as partners during this period. If you cannot trust the departing owner to give advice on the running of your new business, it’s probably not the right purchase for you.

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