SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2014 -- Succession Link, the online marketplace for financial advisors looking to buy, sell, and merge practices, recently announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Channel Finance Group. Channel Finance Group works with financial practitioners and lower middle market investors who are looking to make acquisitions, grow organically, or refinance existing obligations.

Sean Sullivan, the Managing Director of Channel Finance Group, is a specialist in SBA lending and has extensive experience in investment banking, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and restructuring advisory. Sullivan’s goal is not only to educate investment advisors on SBA loans, but also to explain the merits and risks associated with all financing options in the marketplace. As he asserts, the product that Channel Finance Group offers specifically related to the SBA is as robust and time sensitive as you will find out there.

Sullivan and Channel Finance Group are excited to act as a financing resource for the Succession Link community because they feel that SBA financing is an underutilized tool in the investment advisor industry. In the appropriate situation, the terms and structuring options associated with SBA 7(a) financing can help maximize the benefit to all stakeholders involved in a transaction.

In addition to practice acquisitions, Channel Finance Group can help investment advisors refinance existing obligations at advantageous terms as well as obtain valuable working capital for day to day operations.

Ultimately, Channel Finance Group looks forward to being a resource for advisors nationwide as they develop and execute their strategic business plans. They are highly responsive and understand the importance of providing quality financing advisory services on a timely basis.

“Our goal is to take a sometimes daunting process and guide advisors through it,” says Sullivan. “We will make the process of obtaining financing as efficient as possible from a time and documentation process. We have streamlined the information gathering process and our credit underwriting turnaround is impressive.”

According to Co-founder and Managing Partner of Succession Link, Phillip Flakes, the company was immediately excited about Sean Sullivan’s knowledge of SBA loans and hands on approach to helping advisors secure financing. “We believe Channel Finance Group will be another great financing resource for the Succession Link community of advisors,” he says.

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