SAN DIEGO, May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Succession Link, the online marketplace for financial advisors looking to buy, sell, and merge practices, is excited to announce Tunstall Consulting as a resource partner in financing. Tunstall Consulting specializes in the strategic development and capital formation of companies with high growth potential.

Tunstall Consulting conducts a broad search of potential lenders and investors to produce a customized set of transaction terms specific to each client’s needs. Their work produces enhanced long-term value for entrepreneurs, management teams, and owners while providing appropriate returns to lenders and investors.

Since 1980 Tunstall Consulting has provided unique, unbiased advice regarding strategy, capital formation and financing to growth companies across a variety of industries. During this time Tunstall has assisted more than 1,000 companies in raising more than 15 billion from institutional investors. This broad based transactional experience enables them to provide world-class unbiased advice to clients by removing compensation-based conflicts that are priced into typical brokerage relationships.

Tunstall Consulting is looking forward to educating the Succession Link community on private financing. As they note, since 2008 there has been a proliferation of private financing to fill the void created by the overly conservative regulated bank community. These new entities are private companies that raise money from institutional investor/lenders like pension plans, hedge funds, endowments, insurance companies and mutual funds not from consumer depositors (hence they are not regulated). These new lenders fall into two categories: non-regulated Private Banks and Mezzanine Funds. Tunstall Consulting provides assistance in understanding the difference between these two structures.

According to Gordon Tunstall, President and Founder of Tunstall Consulting, the company is looking forward to introducing “quality resources to aid both buyers and sellers in the Succession Link community in facilitating the most cost effective business structure, financing arrangements and navigating the nuances of successful transactions.”

Phillip Flakes, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Succession Link, is excited about the strategic alliance with Tunstall Consulting. “We are very excited to introduce Tunstall Consulting as another great resource partner to the Succession Link community. Their knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly help both sellers and buyers,” he says.

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