Succession Link adds Job Listings and Office Finder to community website

Succession Link has added two new features to its online platform this New Year, namely Job Listings and Office Finder which will allow members to post and find job opportunities as well as list and find office space.

San Diego, CA, January 10, 2018: Succession Link is pleased to announce the new addition of “Job Listings” feature to its online platform which will enable its members and firms to search for and list, job opportunities. The new feature has been introduced mostly based on user demand and is aimed to create a convenient marketplace for the employers and employees in the finance industry.

“We are glad to announce the addition of ‘Job Listing’ feature to our website this New Year. A bunch of factors have contributed to the formation of the new feature but it’s mostly increasing member suggestions on creating provisions for easy job search & recruitment that led us to the formation of the new feature. We have been receiving constant user feedback on creating a ‘easy to use and effective’ job and employee/employer marketplace for quite some time now and there could not be a better timing to introduce the feature”, stated Phillip Flakes, the Co-Founder and CEO of Succession Link.

The new Job Listing feature will enable Succession Link members to post job opening and look for job opportunities in back office, administrative, compliance, portfolio management, and many other job sections in the finance industry.

“As a dedicated community, we stand by our commitment to create the necessary resources and tools essential to address the typical wants or requirements of our community members. There are more than 175,000 engagements on our platform and we are geared to enhance member experience further through our new service.”

Additionally, the largest online community for finance professionals has also introduced another new feature called “Office Finder”. The latest feature will help Succession Link members to explore a wide range of office space available as well as list their space for other members.

“Whether you are looking for a suitable office space or need buyers or renters for your office space, our Office Finder feature will be the one-stop guide for you from now on.”

Succession Link is the most premier communication and networking platform online dedicated to connecting finance professionals who are interested to buy, sell or merge their businesses in the US or Canada. The industry-leading community helps its members with cutting edge tools, expert know-how and data to expand their businesses and make it big in the market. The industry-leading peer to peer marketplace is presently backed by 28,514+ members. With such an enormous range of members, the platform extends amazing networking opportunities to its members to help them in building trusted partnerships with local professionals.

“Our marketplace enables our members to search suitable succession and continuity opportunities based on several filters, including AUM, Opportunity type, location, revenue and much more. We know finding the most compatible buyer for your business could be a huge challenge when you have limited options. But you can bid adieu with such issues now as our platform brings to you thousands of eligible buyers from all across the US & Canada.”

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