Succession Link recently announced the re-release of it’s state-of-the-art website that provides a networking and communication platform for advisors who want to buy, sell or merge their practices.

The upgraded Marketplace includes innovative tools to help advisors research and partner with the appropriate member. New features include:

· Transparency – Advisors can peruse the entire listing of members. A search box allows them to limit their quest to the criteria they enter.

· Expanded Registry – Members have the option to register as wanting to:

o Buy a practice

o Sell a practice

o Merge a practice

o Find a successor

o Find continuity

o Become a successor or join a practice

They can select as many as appropriate.

According to Phillip Flakes, Co-Founder of Succession Link, “Some advisors aren’t ready to commit to buying or selling, and the expanded registry provides additional options for them to explore. In fact we are seeing a lot of advisors selecting the Merge option, some of whom eventually decide to sell when they see the opportunities that are available.”

Additional features include:

· Private Messaging System – A registered advisor can communicate with unlimited members and all communication can then be categorized according to the engagement, e.g. buyer, seller, merge, successor, etc., and saved for future reference.

· Deal Terms Calculator – When visiting the profile of any member, the advisor can select Calculate Deal Terms. The form will then pre-populate with the information the member provided in his or her profile. The advisor can adjust the Buyout Term Length to see the recommended down payment and estimated buyout price for that practice to determine if it is within an affordable price range.

· Marketplace Map – Advisors can select the preferred geographic location to view businesses available in that area.

· Finance Options – Using the information obtained from the Calculate Deal Terms, advisors can apply to have a loan pre-approved by one of the five loan companies carefully vetted and approved by Succession Link according to their reputations and experience with giving loans to financial firms.

In addition, Succession Link has introduced enterprise pricing to product and technology companies to offer their advisors. “Our enterprise offering is a great way for firms to provide a value add to their advisors” say Nicholas Gudz, Co-Founder of Succession Link. “It’s a unique way for distribution companies to thank their producers and a chance for their advisors to acquire additional assets. It’s a win-win”

As a one-of-a-kind platform, Succession Link stands out from the usual internal offerings some broker/dealers provide to their advisors who are planning their succession from the business or looking to expand.

“For us, it’s more about helping advisors find the right fit, than about the firm they are affiliated with,” says Flakes.

As a privately owned, non-affiliated company, Succession Link offers an extensive listing of nearly 3,000 advisory firms located throughout the U.S., all who are looking for the appropriate firm to transact with.


About Succession Link

Succession Link is the largest privately owned online marketplace for financial advisors who want to buy, sell or merge their practices. Members are able to communicate freely with other prospective advisors via its private messaging system. It also offers tools and services that help with evaluation and transaction process. Succession Link was founded by a group of leading financial professionals who have spent their careers working with advisors. []

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