Succession Link is a premier hub for financial advisors who want to buy, sell, or merge their practices, offering a marketplace that seamlessly connects buyers and sellers. Through the Succession Link marketplace, financial advisors have access to a plethora of leading-edge tools that make buying and selling financial service practices easier. For instance, members have access to exclusive features such as the Deal Terms Calculator, a built-in messaging service, and Marketplace Map View, which lets members see others near them.

Succession Link is pleased to continue their tradition of dedication to financial advisors by announcing the partnership with Live Oak Bank.

According to Phillip Flakes, Co-Founder at Succession Link, “We are extremely excited about our partnership with Live Oak Bank. Their commitment to understanding the financing needs of financial advisory practices has been very well demonstrated in recent years. It’s impressive and something that the industry is starting to notice and should certainly be appreciative of…and it’s every reason why we are partnering with them.”

Live Oak Bank specializes in offering loans to investment advisors and is well-known for their ability to deliver knowledgeable services that go beyond lending. Providing a consultative angle to their services, Live Oak Bank offers advisors valuable insights that surpass the usual lending process. In addition, Live Oak Bank is reputable for offering a transparent loan process and a dynamic online platform where advisors can look up their loan statuses online. According to Mike McGinley, Senior Loan Officer at Live Oak Bank, “We are honored to be the preferred lender on Succession Link’s platform, as it extends our ability to provide independent advisors with access to capital.”

Through this special partnership, Succession Link members have access to one of the industry’s most expert lending companies. Live Oak Bank offers Succession Link members flexible and competitively priced business loans alongside unparalleled industry experience and leading-edge technology solutions. Advisors can enjoy 10 year loans for businesses and 25 year loans for real estate, and Live Oak Bank can fund loans ranging from $75,000 to $5 million. An expedited process is offered for loans up to $350,000.

According to Live Oak Bank, they offer competitive interest rates for cash flow dependent transactions, and their dedicated investment advisory team works on each loan from application to approval in a process that can take as little as 10 days. Funding takes place within 40 days.

Succession Link members can now take advantage of the company’s full range of benefits while also leveraging the partnership with Live Oak Bank. This valuable partnership makes it possible for financial advisors to benefit from leading-edge technology from two of the industry’s leading companies. More information can be found at

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Succession Link is a premier networking and communication platform offering financial advisors interested in buying, selling, or merging their practices a place to seamlessly leverage leading-edge resources, data, and knowledge for successful business expansion and more.


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